The Project

Our Mission

With countless productivity-based apps on today’s market, the emphasis often lies on a mindless completion of everyday tasks and an internalized expectation of productivity. Memento aims to shift this focus towards meaningful long-term visions and aspirations, encouraging individuals to cherish and remember their journeys. Memento also seeks to help users intentionally with reflection and ‘rememory’ with a focus on growth and gratefulness.

set long-term visions

track personal progress

accomplish long-term visions and practice personal reflection

Our Team

Person 1

Sarah C

I am a sophomore from Irvine, CA, majoring in symbolic systems with a minor in art practice. The first visions I am adding to my list are to surf more and to learn to DJ.

Person 2

Carolyn Q

I am a sophomore computer science major from Herndon, VA. My first two visions are to celebrate the smaller successes in life and to live in the moment.

Person 3

Theo S

I am a sophomore computer science major from Bethesda, MD. My first visions are to read for fun more and to keep in touch with old friends.

Person 4

Graciela S

I am a sophomore product design major from Boulder, CO. My first vision is to stretch my creative muscles.

The Project

Our Process

Pic 01

A1: Needfinding

We interviewed a wide range of people about their lives and habits, letting them lead us through their daily highs and lows. We then spent time examining tensions and looking at underlying emotion and meaning in our interviews.

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A2: Experience Prototype

We continued to interview participants, now with more focus on feelings of control and productivity. We generated POVs from our interviews to help flesh out our understanding of existing needs, and then voted to narrow down on the most interesting problem spaces. We then came up with potential routes to addressing the core tension of the POV by writing down HMWs en-masse, voting on the best, and testing our hypotheses with experience prototypes.

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A5: Low-fi Prototype

We generated many variations of mobile and alternative UIs, and used the aspects of our favorites in our low-fi figma prototype. We tested this prototype with participants to highlight what changes we would need to make for the medium-fi prototype.

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A9: Heuristic Evaluation Report

We used our learnings from participant interviews to improve and solidify our prototype, testing our potential fixes with participants along the way.

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A8: High-Fidelity Prototype

We created our high-fidelity protype through react native and expo. Open the README for instrutions on how to open our prototype! Our halfway milestone presentation includes some major design changes and progress updates.