Welcome To CS193q

Lecture-1 notes: lecture-1

code1.zip - code examples and exercises lecture-1

Today homework: string-ex.py

Lecture-2 notes: lecture-2

code2.zip - code examples and exercises lecture-2

Code work: list-ex.py

Lecture-3 notes: lecture-3

code3.zip - code examples and exercises lecture-3

Homework Projects

Do these from the first lectures:

-string-ex.py and list-ex.py


Then do this 106a project, ignore the deadlines mentioned. Notice how you use Doctests throughout - you should absorb this best-practice, as its a real time saver in the end!


Finally do one of these, your choice...
-Tiptop (suggestion: read_tags() and print_tags() functions)
-Concordance (more challenging)

Due date for everything = (end of week 6). You can come to Nick or Elyse's office hours, listed off the CS106A page. You could get an extension, but really it's going to be better to just wrap this up before the end of the quarter. Please mention cs193q in any emails, so we don't mix you up with CS106A students.

Turn In Link

Here is the turn-in google-form for your homeworks: