Computer Science Research

CS 197 · Fall 2022

This course offers a team-based introduction to Computer Science research experiences. Students form teams within a desired research area (AI, HCI, Systems), then are matched with a quarter-long research project under direct mentorship of a Ph.D. student, with the goal of producing a publishable work-in-progress (e.g., poster) by the end of the quarter. Classes will be organized into a once-weekly lecture and a one-weekly section meeting. Research areas meet regularly as sections led by a Ph.D. student in the area, sharing progress and challenges. Lecture components of the course teach research concepts in computer science.

Lecture Section Assignment
Thursday 9/29

What is research?

Area Overview




Section application

Due: the end of lecture on 9/29 for priority placement; late applications considered as space allows

Assignment 1: Reading a Paper

Due: Thursday 10/6 at 2:00pm
Thursday 10/6

Literature Review

Form Teams and Align with Projects

Assignment 2: Related Work

Due: Thursday 10/13 at 2:00pm
Thursday 10/13

Research Contributions

Begin Weekly Progress Reports and Advising
Tutorials by section as needed.

Assignment 3: Introduction

Due: Thursday 10/20 at 2:00pm
Thursday 10/20

Vectoring in Research

Progress Reports and Advising

Assignment 4: Progress Report

Due: Thurday 10/27 at 2:00pm
Thursday 10/27

Velocity in Research

Progress Reports and Advising

Assignment 5: Progress Report II

Due: Thursday 11/3 at 2:00pm
Thursday 11/3


Progress Reports and Advising

Assignment 6: Progress Report III

Due: Thursday 11/10 at 2:00pm
Thursday 11/10

Writing a Paper & Research Career Paths

Progress Reports and Advising

Assignment 7: Evaluation Plan & Progress Report IV

Due: Thursday 11/17 at 2:00pm
Thursday 11/17

Publication Culture & Peer Review

Progress Reports and Advising

Assignment 8: Draft Paper

Due: Thursday 12/1 at 2:00pm
Thursday 12/1

Giving Talks

Peer Review Draft Papers

Assignment 9: Draft Talk

Due: In Section the Week of 12/5–12/9
Thursday 12/8

Final Presentations and Future Opportunities

Practice Talks

Final Talk

Due: In our scheduled final exam session, Monday 12/12 at 7:00pm

Final Paper

Due: In our scheduled final exam session, Monday 12/12 at 7:00pm

  • HCI: F 1:30-2:50PM in 160-315
  • AI: Th 6pm-7:20pm in 540-108 Slides/Resources
  • Systems: F 3:00 PM-4:20 PM in Hewlett Teaching Center Rm 101
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