CS206 Assignment #1

Due Tuesday, April 16, 2002, in class

Note: We'll follow the standard CSD rules regarding the honor code. You are expected to do your own work, but if you discuss the homework with anyone and use their ideas in any way in your own homework, then you must mention that fact on the homework. If we find pairs of homeworks that look too similar, and neither acknowledges the other's contribution, we will assume there is an honor-code violation. Of course, we reserve the right to adjust grades if your acknowledgement indicates that you didn't really learn anything and merely copied someone else's work; but at least you won't have to face the HC commission.
  1. (25 pts.) Suppose there are three web pages, A, B, and C, with the following links:

    Assuming no "taxation" of importance, find the PageRank of each page. Explain your reasoning; i.e., show the steps you take to solve the equations.

  2. (25 pts.) Modify the links of Problem (1) by removing the link from C to A. Using a 30% "tax" on importance, find the PageRank of each page. Explain your reasoning.

  3. (25 pts.) Now, modify the links of Problem (2) by adding a link from C to itself. Repeat Problem (2).

  4. (25 pts.) For the pages of Problem (3), i.e., links A->B, A->C, B->C, and C->C, find the hubbiness and authority of each page. Explain your work, including the matrices A, A', AA', and A'A.