Project Reports

# Student(s) Project Title Resources
1 Beliz Gunel Robust Relational Graph Convolutional Networks [report]
2 Chris Allen Koenig What’s That Wing? Fine-Grained Butterfly Species Classification Using Graph Neural Networks [report]
3 Jack Mi Modeling and Analyzing User’s Music Taste Shift with Amazon Reviews [report]
4 Bogdan State Good Bot, Best Bot? The Diffusion of Chatbots on Reddit
5 Ali Aminian VidSage: Unsupervised Video Representational Learning with Graph Convolutional Networks [report]
6 Steven Zheng Modelling ATP Tennis as a Network [report]
7 Luyao Hou
Emma Zhong
YouTube Video Recommendations: Analysis and Link Prediction [report]
8 Sophia L. Pink
Mayuka Sarukkai
Gender Asymmetries in Academic Collaboration Networks [report]
9 Axel Moyal
Guillermo Bescos Alapont
Pablo Emile Veyrat
Classification of Assets and Investors in a Financial Bipartite Graph [report]
10 Saurabh Khanna Friendship Networks in College [report]
11 Andrew Lawrence Deng
Wenli Looi
Jennie Chen
Predicting Traffic Congestion on City Road Networks [report]
12 Will Zhuk Neural Network Structure for Traffic Forecasting [report]
13 Nicholas Lai
Yew Siang Tang
Anita Hanzhi Zheng
Healthy Recipe Recommendation using Nutrition and Ratings Models [report]
14 Shadab Nazar
Mohd Zahaib Mateen
Tetrahedron – A model to analyze Network Flows [report]
15 Tom Knowles
Jenny Zhi
Cynthia Liang
Venmotifs [report]
16 Erin Michelle Kunz Community Detection Analysis of Sensory Feedback Enhancement in Phantom Limb Perception and Prosthesis Control [report]
17 Wen Zhou
Haoshen Hong
John Zhou
Derive Word Embeddings From Knowledge Graph [report]
18 Stefania Moroianu
Alexandre Simoes Gomes Junior
Sarah Najmark
Culture Dependent Dynamics of the WikiLinkGraph [report]
19 Woody Zhouyuan Wang
Vrinda Devang Vasavada
Link Prediction and Edge Classification for Orphan Disease Concept Graph [report]
20 Tushar Dhoot
Alexander Mark Verge
Analysis of airline carrier network design strategy [report]
21 Erik Jones Predicting Adversarial Examples in Language using Graphs [report]
22 Xiaobai Ma
Yi Ding
Missing Data Imputation with Graph Neural Networks ImputeNet
23 Louise Huang
Kaylee Xuan Zhang
Siyi Tang
Multiclass Seizure Classification from EEG with Graph Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks [report]
24 Vadim Piccini Yakubenko
Pranav Bhardwaj
Public Opinion and its Effect on the Wikipedia Network [report]
25 Xiuye Gu Explore Deep Graph Generation [report]
26 Guillaume Adrien Nervo
Jason Ziming Zheng
Jestin Ma
Improving Detection of Hateful Users on Twitter using Attention and ReFex [report]
27 Yash Shyamsundar Maniyar
Gita Anu Krishna
Kuhan Jeyapragasan
An Analysis of Subway Networks using Graph Theory and Graph Generation with GraphRNN [report]
28 Jay Sushil Mardia Role detection for links in networks
29 Alexandre Matton
Arnaud Antoine Autef
Manon Romain
Fake News detection using Machine Learning on Graphs [report]
30 Vamsi Krishna Chitters
Sam Zimmerman Shleifer
Clara McCreery
Incrementally Improving Graph WaveNet Performance on Traffic Prediction [report]
31 Sophia Claire Kivelson
Frits van Paasschen
Representation Learning for Scene Graphs [report]
32 Alex Wang
Robin Cheong
Robel Daniel
TAGE: Task Agnostic Graph Embeddings [report]
33 Tianyuan Huang
Yiyun Liang
Zhouheng Sun
Predicting Group Success in Meetup with Graphs [report]
34 Soon Kyu Lee
Naoki Yamamura
Xiangyi Zheng
Neighborhood-based Rating Prediction and Inter-network Robustness [report]
35 Darrith Bin Phan
Chuanbo Pan
Music Recommender System using Temporal Features [report]
36 Ahmed Shuaibi Enhancing Protein Interaction Link Prediction Through Community Information [report]
37 Boning Zheng
Carson Zhao
An Augmented Neighborhood Network for Graph Representation Learning [report]
38 Kyle Beltran Hatch
Graham D Todd
Gordon Leo Blake
Predicting Microbe Co-Occurrence with Metabolite Network Embeddings [report]
39 Nikita-Girey Nechvet Demir
Jonathan Michael Gomes Selman
Graph Level Anomaly Detection [report]
40 Eric Dale Winsor Perturbation Sensitivity of GNNs [report]
41 Mira Noura Moufarrej Building and using a hypothesis recommendation system to infer the tissues of origin for blood samples [report]
42 Serina Yongchen Chang Disentangling Word Association in Distributional Semantics with WordNet [report]
43 Daniel Alexander Salz
Nicholas Nestor Benavides
Jonathan Mingchao Li
Hidden Community Detection in Online Forums [report]
44 Yanbang Wang
Jingjing Tian
What Determines Your Promotion? A Novel Exploration of Civil Careers in Ancient China Using Network Analysis [report]
45 Hua Shao Shao
Veronica Peng
Spatial-Temporal Model for Traffic Forecasting on Road Network [report]
46 Wantong Jiang
Yipeng He
Di Bai
Detection and Analysis of Hateful Users on Twitter [report]
47 Xuanyu Zhou
Yuanhang Luo
Explore Mixture of Experts in Graph Neural Networks [report]
48 William Joseph Caruso
Daniel C Lee
Toward Embedding a Web-scale Knowledge Graph [report]
49 Griffin Crosby Young
Leon Lin
Unsupervised Feature Creation with TransE [report]
50 Atish Sawant Using Graph Methods to Capture Spatial Relationships in Home Prices [report]
51 Austin Zambito-Valente
Alex Ross Goodman
Emma Lee Mclean
Congressional Collaboration Within and Between Terms [report]
52 Mario John Srouji
Dian Ang Yap
Josh Payne
BERT Learns (and Teaches) Chemistry [report]
53 Alex Powers Predicting Protein Flexibility for Better Drug Docking [report]
54 Yang Fang
Kylan Keiichi Sakata
Kaylie Zhu
Graph-based node feature prediction system using structural features and incomplete node metadata [report]
55 Akshat Jindal
Gorish Aggarwal
Susanna Maria Baby
Deep Generative Models for Graph Generation [report]
56 Sriram Somasundaram
Jonathan Lingjie Li
Clare Zhu
Global Link Prediction for E-commerce using Deep Networks [report]
57 Yuan Shi
Zecheng Zhang
Xinwei He
Evolution and Link Prediction of the Wikipedia Network [report]
58 Ashton Teng Better Inference Scores for Chemical-Disease Relationships in the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database [report]
59 Shreya Singh
Chetanya Rastogi
Prabhat Agarwal
Exploring Graph Based Approaches for Author Name Disambiguation [report]
60 Rick Melucci
Yuichi Kajiura
Jiushuang Guo
Stock Recommendations using Information Connections from Financial Bipartite Graph [report]
61 Apollo Kaneko
Ryan Silva
Minh Toan Luong
Github Reviewer Recommendation using Graph [report]
62 Amy Jiahua Chen
Neil Inderjit Singh
Emma Kim Charlotte Gee
Community Detection and Characterization of Acoustic Telemetry Data of the Reef Manta Ray, Mobula Alfredi [report]
63 Markie Maraya Wagner
Vamsi Saladi
Federico Jose Reyes Gomez
Feature Constrained Graph Generation with a Modified Multi-Kernel Kronecker Model [report]
64 Austin Song Cai
Michelle Bao
Discovering Cultural Bias Across Wikipedia’s Linguistic Communities [report]
65 Patrick DeMichele
Pablo Cesar Santos
Isaac Louis Scheinfeld
Graph Embeddings for Street Network Analysis [report]
66 Major Zeng
Tom Haynes Mikkelson
Addie Petersen
Justin Luke
Electric Vehicle Charge Station Placement via Node Classification, Structural Role Extraction, and Community Detection [report]
67 Flora Wang
Nidhi Manoj
Sophia Papoulias Barton
Hollywood Actors Community Detection And Genre Prediction [report]
68 Sean Kazuyuki Decker
Bryce Z. Cai
Crystal Ivy Zheng
Characterizing Banned Subreddits by Network Attributes [report]
69 Parikshit Shridhar Deshpande
Cameron David Tew
Robert Pablo Trevino
Analysis of Academic Diaspora Networks [report]
70 Horace Ting Cheong Chu
Andrew Zane Tan
Jerry Qu
A Graph-Based Approach for Semantic Code Search [report]
71 Jacqueline Hsing-Chuan Yau
Timothy Quang-Tin Le
Organization Prediction for Scientists and Scholars for OAG Data [report]
72 Yuqi Jin
Jiahong Ouyang
Xiaoqin Zhou
Dual Knowledge Multimodal Network for Recommender System [report]
73 Yusuf Husein Roohani
Benjamin Angulo
Kendrick Shen
Graph embeddings of enriched protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks for identification of disease nodes [report]
74 Karen Yang GCN-VAE for Knowledge Graph Completion [report]
75 Ethan Zi-Yu Shen Integrating Knowledge Graph Information for Few-Shot Learning with Graph Neural Networks [report]
76 Anchit Narain
Chris Healy
Graph Reduction Using Near Symmetry [report]
77 Daniel Danhang Tang Graph-Analysis of Temporally- and Spatially- Defined Brain Networks Involved in Decision-Making [report]
78 Noah Arthurs Using Network Features to Identify Stratified Student Behavior During College Admissions [report]
79 Zeyu Wang An Analysis of the Carbon Market and its Impact on Climate Change
80 Jamal Roy Johnson A Study of Legislative Censorship Networks [report]
81 Gitanjali Bhattacharjee Identifying clusters of bridges with strongly correlated damage states [report]
82 Oghenetegiri Edward Sido Scene Graph to Image Translation: Graph Convolutional Network Approaches [report]
83 Andrew Fang
Akshaya Dinesh
Mark Shelton
Is Corruption Contagious? Police Misconduct from a Social Network Perspective
84 Dhruv Ashwin Kedia
Rohan Sampath
Aarush Selvan
Motifs and Community Detection in the Venmo Transaction Graph [report]
85 Xiao Zhou
Yu Jin Lee
Developing a New Model to Characterize Cooperation in a Network [report]
86 Kim Ngo
James Yang WoMa
Comparisons of Community Detection Algorithms in the YouTube Network [report]
87 Nick Wilmer Bowman
Semir Shafi
Robbie Matthew Jinwei Jones
Temporal Link Prediction on the WikiLinkGraphs Dataset [report]
88 Benjamin Yeh
Victoria Yuan
Graph Analysis of Functional Connectomes of Subjects with ADHD and ASD [report]
89 Meixian Zhu
Jingbo Yang
Ruge Zhao
Redefining Neighbor for Improved Knowledge Graph Based Recommendations [report]
90 Ramin Ahmari Sub-Community Virality Prediction of Fashion on Instagram Using Network Models on Augmented Data Sets [report]
91 Jen Weng Recommending Game Bundles using Hyperlink Prediction [report]
92 Jonathon Walters Subgraph Detection in Functional Brain Networks During Many Diverse Cognitive Tasks [report]

Project Ideas

Evolution of the Wikipedia Link Graph over 18 years

We will study the evolution of the Wikipedia Link Graph over 18 years (from 2001 to 2018). Starting from this paper, we will look for changes in the graph structure over time (both at the macroscopic and microscopic level). The snapshots dataset has already been constructed, and I have made it available on our servers at Stanford.

Prerequisites: Python, SNAP library, graph algorithms
Contact: Michele Catasta

Tracking the Intellectual Diaspora with the Open Academic Graph

Scientists and scholars oftentimes migrate from their native countries to accept job offers that accommodate best their research agenda. Using a large-scale academic graph (containing millions of authors and papers), we will track the migration of scientists and scholars to different academic institutions. As the dataset is far from being perfect, we will use Machine Learning techniques to predict the most likely affiliations.

Prerequisites: Python, SNAP library, Machine Learning on Graphs
Contact: Michele Catasta

“Which stock will Warren Buffett buy next?”

Institutional investors are required by law to disclose their investments every quarter in 13F forms filed with the SEC. For example, Warren Buffett owns stock in Apple, Wells Fargo, General Motors and other companies. Such information can be naturally represented as a bipartite graph with edges between "investors" (e.g. Buffett) and their "investments" (e.g. AAPL, WFC, GM). This bipartite graph evolves over time, and the weight of a stock in an investor's portfolio could represent time-evolving edge weight. Stock return, valuation and other company metrics could serve as features of stock nodes. Machine learning algorithms can then be applied to this graph to answer several interesting questions, such as: “Which stock will Warren Buffett buy next?” (link prediction problem) or "Which stocks will double in the next three years?" (classification problem).

Prerequisites: Python, Machine Learning on Graphs
Contact: Arnab Chakrabarti