Exokernel: Reading Question

The Exokernel authors claim that scheduler activations can be implemented on top of Aegis. Do you agree? If so, breifly describe how you would do so. If not, explain what additional functionality would be needed and then describe how you’d use that functionality (and the rest of Aegis) to implement scheduler activations.


Local Stanford students should write up their response on a sheet of paper that includes their name. The sheet of paper with the response should be submitted immediately before lecture.

SCPD students should write up their response in a text file named response.exo.txt and upload it via the submission and grades page. You’ll need to sign in with your SUNetID to access the page. Responses will be accepted until one week after the corresponding paper’s lecture.

In either case, the response should be short, likely only a pithy paragraph in length.


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