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01/04/2018Welcome to the CS 248 Winter 2018 Website!


This is the second course in the computer graphics sequence, and as such it assumes a strong familiarity with rendering and image creation. The course has a strong focus on computational geometry, animation, and simulation. Topics include splines, implicit surfaces, geometric modeling, collision detection, animation curves, particle systems and crowds, character animation, articulation, skinning, motion capture and editing, rigid and deformable bodies, and fluid simulation. As a final project, students implement an interactive video game utilizing various concepts covered in the class. Games may be designed on mobile devices, in a client/server/browser environment, or on a standard personal computer using threading.


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Piazza will be used for Q&A in CS 248. Please enroll yourself through Piazza. For all other inquiries, you can email the course staff at cs248.staff@gmail.com.