Course Policies

Grade Breakdown

The three programming assignments will build on each other, so please be sure you understand what is happening in each assignment in order to be prepared for the next ones!

The class participation score is further broken down as:


Final Exam

Honor Code

You should not look for answers to problem set questions outside of the course materials. If material is taken from elsewhere, then you must acknowledge it. For programming assignments, you are not permitted to get programming help from people other than your partner. You may be permitted to use pre-existing code, but you must acknowledge code that you have taken from other sources. (In general, it is only appropriate to use others' code in the programming assignments when the code is for ancillary functions or extra-credit investigations.) In these and other matters, we will act and expect you to act according to the Stanford Honor Code.

Please be aware that for programming assignments, we will run Moss to identify and investigate unusual similarities between code submissions.

Students with Disabilities

Students who may need an academic accommodation based on the impact of a disability must initiate the request with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) located within the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). SDRC staff will evaluate the request with required documentation, recommend reasonable accommodations, and prepare an Accommodation Letter for faculty dated in the quarter in which the request is being made. Students should contact the SDRC as soon as possible since timely notice is needed to coordinate accommodations. The OAE is located at 563 Salvatierra Walk (650-723-1066,

CR/NC enrollment

If you're taking the class on a credit/no credit basis, there there are no special changes to the workload for students taking the course for a letter grade. The same standards are applied to all students in the grading process. As long as you achieve the letter-grade equivalent of a C- through all of your work in the quarter, you will receive a passing grade.


There seems to have been an increase in students seeking incompletes. We do realize that events happen in life and sometimes there are emergencies. Nevertheless, the incomplete grade is intended for students who have "satisfactorily completed a substantial part of the course work". To operationalize this, our minimum standard for an incomplete is that you have completed with at least a 50% grade one of the two problem sets and two of the four programming assignments.