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If you are registered for CS294W (instead of CS294A), you will additionally work on a writing assignment in this class. CS294W can be used to satisfy the WIM (writing in the major) requirement for the CS or CSE undergraduate major. CS294W is intended mainly for undergraduate students who need to satisfy a WIM requirement.

For this part of the class, you will be working directly with Mary McDevitt ( from the Technical Writing Program (rather than with Prof. Ng). Mary will contact you near the start of the quarter to set up a group meeting with all the students registered in CS294W, to give you additional information on the writing requirement. This initial meeting will be held in the offices of the Technical Writing Program, in Huang 049, lower (terrace) level.

Concretely, for this part of the class, you'll be asked to write a report describing the technical work you're doing in CS294. We expect most reports to be about 5-7 pages long, though longer reports are also acceptable. At your initial meeting with her, Mary will also tell you more about additional guidelines on the report.

Please register for either CS294W or CS294A, and not for both.

Important dates: Please submit an initial draft of your report to Mary by March 2nd (two weeks after the class' milestone presentations); shortly after that, she'll meet with you in person to give comments/feedback/etc. on the draft. After revising the writeup, a final version of the report should then be submitted to her by March 19th.

If you aren't familiar with technical writeups and want to see some examples for how one might structure them, take a look here, here, here, and here for some examples of CS229 (Machine learning) project writeups.

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