Course Application Procedure

To apply to the course, follow these instructions:

If you would like some help or guidance when developing your project idea feel free to contact course staff. We will help you develop your project idea.


All submissions must be performed on Gradescope.

Checkpoint 1 Presentation (10%)

Brief presentation (~5 minutes). Focus on: problem description, dataset, preliminary results / ideas, current challenges.

Checkpoint 1 Report (mandatory but ungraded)

First couple of pages of the final report. Content should cover: problem description, dataset, related work.

Checkpoint 2 Presentation (20%)

Brief presentation (~5 minutes). Focus on: methodology, experimental setup, ongoing results, current challenges.

Checkpoint 2 Report (mandatory but ungraded)

Append an additional couple of pages to the Checkpoint 1 report. New content should describe in detail the methodology and experimental setup.

Final Project Presentation (20%)

10 minutes presentation, covering the work done during the quarter.

Final Project Report (50%)

The result of the project is a 5-10 page paper. We will not accept longer reports. Report should address: