Course Project

Groups of up to three students will work on a quarter-long project. The goal of the project is to have you explore some aspect of data-related research. It is largely self directed, but I am happy to answer whatever questions you have about it.

The formatting of these documents is up to you.

Project selection report (1-2 pages and due Jan. 31)

This document will contain an overview of the problem, an initial summary of related work, how you plan to validate the work, and what is needed to complete the project. The document should also contains a time line. Additionally, you should name three specific goals that you can think of as thinking about a sufficient amount of work for the course project, what you would consider a good course project, and what would be amazing.

The point of this project selection report is to think through the task in sufficient detail to complete it or raise any red flags.

Intermediate project report (3-4 pages and Due Feb. 21)

At this point, your document should look like a sketch of the final paper. The related work section is likely to be complete. A single experiment or at least an experimental design is expected. The introduction is starting to explain the problem like a workshop paper.

By now, you should have scheduled a meeting with me to discuss your project in more detail.

Final project report (8 pages+Appendix and Due March 14)

The final project should look like a workshop or conference paper. You may include extra details in a clearly marked appendix, if you feel it is necessary. However, part of your job is to concisely describe your results.

Self-assessment. Please include one clearly marked additional page that assesses your project. This page does not count against your 8 page limit. This document is intended to let you answer the following questions: how closely did you match your intial goals? What setbacks or unexpected joys did you discover? What did you learn in the process? How would you grade yourself?

Project talk and demo

. You will have 15 minutes for a presentation during class.