CS 354: Topics in Intractability: Unfulfilled Algorithmic Fantasies (Spring 2019)

Instructor: Aviad Rubinstein (aviad at cs)

Location and Time: Monday and Wednesday 3:00 PM - 4:20 PM at STLC 115

Course Assistant: Josh Brakensiek (jbrakens at cs)

Office Hours: Wednesday 1:45-2:45, Gates 464.

Piazza: Sign up here.

Gradescope: Access code 9ZYD22.

Course Description

Over the past 45 years, understanding NP-hardness has been an amazingly useful tool for algorithm designers. This course will expose students to other ways to reason about obstacles for designing efficient algorithms. Topics will include unconditional lower bounds (query- and communication-complexity), total problems, Unique Games, average-case complexity, and fine-grained complexity.


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You may work in small groups (2~3 students) for all assignments (except scribing).

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Tentative Schedule

Week 1: Query Complexity.

Week 2: Communication Complexity.

Week 3: PPAD and friends.

Weeks 4-5: Unique Games Hardness.

Week 6-7: Average case complexity.

Week 8: Exponential Time Hypothesis.

Week 9-10: Strong Exponential Time Hypothesis and fine-grained complexity.