Announcements for Computational Drug Discovery

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January 11: Next week we will meet in Clark S361, which is in the wing of Clark that is closest to Gates and that has the cafeteria. Enter through Peet's on the 3rd floor and go through the door straight ahead of you.

January 10 (2): Brief notes are posted on similarity searching and QSAR. They may be helpful for looking over before the papers. Slides from the first class are also up.

January 10: I am trying to get a bigger room. Please decide if you will stay in the class within the next few days. If you are, sign up on Axess. If you have special circumstances and cannot sign up, please send me an email. I want to have a count. Notes from today and links to next week's papers are posted (follow link below). My notes for next week's topic will be posted by tomorrow morning -- you may find them useful in understanding the main ideas in the papers (as I said, don't get frustrated by them). My slides from today will also be posted. If there is a topic you would like covered (especially the few whose own research is on small molecules), please let me know.