Data homework 3: Background in Prosody and Acoustics

Distributed Oct 5; due in three parts:

Part I: Praat practice (due before class on Tue Oct 12),

Part II: More Praat practice (to be done as a lab in class on Tue Oct 12 with the writeup handed in together with Part III)

Part III: Disfluency (due on Friday Oct 15 at 2:14pm)

  1. Transcribe this southern-accented male speaker from his two conversations, 2301 and 2005 from the Switchboard corpus of telephone conversations between strangers. (You can use Praat or any software you want to transcribe). In conversation 2005 he is the second person (his speech starts with ``Well, of course''). Make sure you carefully transcribe the disfluencies, including filled pauses, word fragments, and restarts, since that's the focus of this question.
  2. Discuss some of the differences between the disfluencies in the two passages (e.g., are there more or less of some disfluency types in one of the conversations?). Of course we don't expect any generalization based on one pair of examples to be correct; We just want you to think about possible hypotheses that might be testable on a larger dataset.