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Computer Science 444N: Spring 2002

Mobile and Wireless Networks and Applications

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Practice finals are now available in handouts section.


This course examines how mobility affects networks, systems and applications. Mobility of devices and end-users has behavioral implications at all layers of the Internet protocol stack, from the MAC layer up through the application layer. Handling mobility efficiently requires more information sharing between network layers than is typically considered.

We will look at how mobility affects the layers of the protocol stack as well as how it affects different functional aspects of systems, including security, privacy, file systems, resource discovery, resource management (including energy usage), personal on-line identities, and other areas.

We will investigate emerging applications enabled by mobility. The networks we study will include "traditional" wireless networks, in which an underlying infrastructure is assumed, as well as ad hoc mobile wireless networks, in which nodes may come and go and must form their own network infrastructure on the fly.

In groups, students will design and implement mobile applications and system features of their choosing using network technologies such as WaveLAN, Metricom's Ricochet network, the Palm VII and perhaps Bluetooth.

Prof. Andrea Goldsmith's course EE 392F: Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications covers lower-level (link and channel access layer) issues in wireless networking.


Tuesday and Thursday, 3:15-4:30 PM, Gates B08 (not televised)
Prof. Mary Baker <>
Gates 414
(650) 725-3711
Office hours: Fridays 2-4 PM
Teaching assistant:
Emre Kiciman <>
Office: Gates B26b
Office hours: Tuesday 2:15-3:15pm, Thursday 4:30-5:30pm
Satisfactory performance on a short in-class entrance exam that covers parts of CS 240, CS 244A and CS 244B.
Course materials:
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Class participation (discussions of readings, projects, etc.): 20%
Course project: 50%
Final exam (to be held in class): 30%
Please note that class participation is very important.
Audit policy:
Auditors are requested to keep up will all the readings and assignments, including proposing project ideas. However, auditors will not participate in the projects themselves. If there are too many people interested in attending the class, we may have to limit the number of auditors.


Under Unix or Linux, use "mpage -8 [] | lpr" to print 8 slides per page


Tuesday 2 April
Introduction and overview
Course sign-up
Entrance exam (45 minutes, no preparation necessary)
Thursday 4 April
Distributed data synchronization in a weakly connected environment
Tuesday 9 April
Distributed data synchronization, continued
Thursday 11 April
Mobile routing
Tuesday 16 April
Project proposals, discussion
Thursday 18 April
Project proposal discussion, continued
Tuesday 23 April
Mobile routing, continued
Thursday 26 April
Mobile routing, continued
Tuesday 30 April
Class canceled
Thursday 2 May
Mobile routing, continued
Tuesday 7 May
Wireless transport protocols
Thursday 9 May
Wireless transport protocols, continued
Tuesday 14 May
Taking people into account: Mobile People Architecture
Thursday 16 May
Wireless network architectures
Tuesday 21 May
System adaptation and battery lifetime as a resource
Thursday 23 May
Wireless networks at the link level (guest lecture from Prof. Andrea Goldsmith)
Tuesday 28 May
Thursday 30 May
In-class final exam!
Naming in a mobile world
Tuesday 4 June
Project Demo Day!!


Reading materials for upcoming classes are listed in this section.

General related readings

4 & 9 April: Synchronization of distributed data

Related readings

11 and 23 April: The network layer: packet routing for mobile hosts (Mobile IP, DHCP/Dynamic DNS, TRIAD, etc.)

Related readings

7 and 9 May: TCP for wireless networks

Related readings

14 May: Mobility at the Person Level

16 May: Wireless/mobile network environments

Related readings

21 May: System adaptation and power as a resource

Related readings

23 May: Physical and Link Layers

Rest to be announced.


Here is this quarter's project page (so far).
Also see the projects from Spring 2000 and the projects from Spring 2001 for some ideas.

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