Title: Knowledge Graphs in recent AI, ML and NLP Research

Speaker: Mikhail Galkin


Knowledge Graphs enjoy increasing traction in Computer Science and are often considered as a "secret sauce" behind new impressive technologies. In this talk we will discuss various perspectives and points of view on understanding knowledge graphs as seen from the recent ML and AI conferences [1-4]. Finally, we will identify common attributes that pertain to knowledge graphs.

The slides for the presentation are available here.
  1. Knowledge Graphs at AAAI 2020
  2. Machine Learning on Graphs at NeurIPS 2019
  3. Knowledge Graphs at EMNLP 2019
  4. Knowledge Graphs at ACL 2019


Mikhail Galkin is a Senior Research Scientist at Fraunhofer IAIS and postdoctoral researcher at TU Dresden and Smart Data Analytics group. He focuses on incorporating knowledge extraction and graph-based reasoning into conversational AI approaches. In his free time he enjoys reaching a wider audience on social media with digests dedicated to explaining recent KG-related advancements.