Title: The Case for a Semantic Data Catalog

Speaker: David Newman (Wells Fargo Bank)


One of the major challenges data practitioners face in large enterprises is the highly bespoke, poorly documented and disparate nature of legacy data sources. This results in costly and labor intensive efforts to identify and understand the meaning and quality of the data before it can be consumed for business value. Knowledge graph technology allows us to resolve this problem by creating a layer of knowledge over physical data assets to better enable semantic search and to provide an accurate understanding of the organizations true data inventory. This presentation will explore the enterprise case for knowledge graph and the details of a semantic data catalog capability.

Disclaimer: This presentation reflects the sole ideas of the presenter and does not disclose nor confirm what is operationally being developed or deployed at Wells Fargo Bank.


David Newman leads the Knowledge Graph Program at Wells Fargo Bank. David provides strategic vision and thought leadership on knowledge graph technology not only at Wells Fargo, but across the financial industry and knowledge graph community, where he is a frequent keynote speaker. David is a board member of the Enterprise Data Management Council and chairs the FIBO program for the financial industry. David's core focus is on the convergence of ontologies and machine learning capabilities as the basis for the future of enterprise data. David introduced Wells Fargo to knowledge graph capabilities when he was a Senior Enterprise Architect over a decade ago. Prior to that David was the president of Technium Inc. which provided consultation to Fortune 500 companies on distributed computing, internet, middleware and load balancing technologies. David holds an MBA in Information Systems and an MSW in Psychiatric Social Work.