Title: ThoughtSpot

Speaker: Amit Prakash


Analytics applications have promised businesses for decades to be smarter, faster, and easier to use, but have failed to live up to those expectations. As a result, most business users have to wait 4-5 days to get answers to data questions, unless an expert has already created a Dashboard/Report for them. ThoughtSpot introduced the first Enterprise-Scale Search Engine for data that allows business users to answer questions with the same ease as consumer search engines like Google and Microsoft.

In this talk, we will take a look at:
  1. How ThoughtSpot's product allows users to answer their own business questions
  2. The architectural decisions and systems that power this product
  3. The challenges faced along the way
  4. Current research questions being explored.

The slides are available here.


Amit Prakash is the CTO and co-founder of ThoughtSpot Inc, A unicorn in the Analytics space. At ThoughtSpot, Amit has co-invented a new paradigm for business users to use search & artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover actionable insights hidden in their data.

Prior to founding ThoughtSpot, he led search innovation and engineering teams at Google and Microsoft. At Google he led a large scale machine learning team, responsible for hundreds of millions of incremental revenue every year. While at Microsoft, Amit built the distributed systems platform for web-scale graph computing and authored multiple papers and patents on web search ranking.

Amit received his Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin and an undergraduate degree is from IIT Kanpur. He also is one of the co-authors of "Elements of Programming Interviews" books that have sold over fifty thousand copies.