Modular Ontology Engineering

Speaker: Cogan Shimizu, Kansas State University


Knowledge graphs are poised to be significant disruptors in both private and public industry. However, as with any complex entity, developing a knowledge graph requires significant expertise and time, as well as maintenance. In order to reduce the upfront and sustained costs, it is necessary to design the schema of a knowledge graph (also known as an ontology), in a way that supports interoperability, reuse, and maintainability. This presentation will put forward the notion of pattern-based modular ontology engineering and its supporting methodology and infrastructure.



Cogan Shimizu is a PhD candidate at Kansas State University in the Data Semantics Laboratory. His work focuses on Modular Ontology Engineering, with an emphasis on pattern-based methods. Specifically, he works on developing pedagogical best practices and its supporting tooling infrastructure (e.g. Recently, he co-chaired the Workshop on Ontology Design and Patterns, as well as hosted seminars at US2TS 2019 and GeoVocamp 2017-19.