Title: Knowledge Graph Evolution and Maintenance

Speaker: Héctor Pérez Urbina, Ontologist, Knowledge Engine Team, Google


Knowledge graphs are typically not static; the data they contain might change, different representations might be necessary, the scope of the graph might expand, etc. In this talk, I'll go through some some challenges related to KG evolution and maintenance.

Héctor is part of the Knowledge Engine team at Google. His work focuses on maintaining and improving the Knowledge Graph—Google's massive knowledge base used to enhance search results with semantic-search information. His professional interests include Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Semantic Technologies, and Information Integration.


Prior to joining Google in 2015, Héctor was a Senior Research Scientist at Clark & Parsia, where he was responsible for maintaining the reasoning capabilities of the triplestore Stardog. Héctor holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Oxford. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Universidad de las Américas, Puebla with a B.Sc. in Software Engineering.