Title: What are the Knowledge Graphs, and How are they Useful?

Speaker: Denny Vrandečić


Knowledge Graphs have found wide usage in many applications in various industries, for diverse research tasks, and by increasingly also by hobbyists and student developers. In this talk we will informally introduce the ideas behind knowledge graphs, show use cases and applications, and how they have proven to be useful.


Denny Vrandečić is the founder of Wikidata, the collaboratively edited knowledge base behind Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects. He is a researcher working at Google. He was an ontologist for the Google Knowledge Graph, founding administrator of the Croatian Wikipedia, co-creator of the widely used Semantic MediaWiki software, and was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. He received a PhD from KIT on the topic of ontology evaluation. He has been working in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Rome, Los Angeles, Berlin, and now San Francisco.