Title: Knowledge Graph Use Cases @ Intuit

Speaker: Jay Yu, Ph.D.


Intuit, the leading financial software/service company behind TurboTax, Mint and Quickbooks, is embarking on a multi-year transformational journey into an AI-driven Expert Platform to help Small Business, Self-Employed and Consumers to prosper. The key pillars of the platform rely heavily on clean data and intelligent systems. In this talk I will share two specific knowledge graph use cases in data integration and tax logic programming that helped Intuit solve big business and customer problems at scale.

The slides are available here.


Jay Yu is a Distinguished Engineer and Architect at Intuit with focus on enterprise data architecture and strategy. He is a hands-on full-stack innovator, strategic thinker, leader and evangelist for new technology and product, with 25+ years of experience covering a wide range of technology areas. He is also a recent Knowledge Graph enthusiast and practitioner. He holds 22 patents and received a PhD from University of Wisconsin, Madison database systems research group.