CS64: Computation For Puzzles And Games

General Info

CS64 is a class about using computers to solve, write, analyze, and otherwise more deeply enjoy puzzles and games. It is intended to be laid-back and fun, and I hope to get you (even more) excited about various aspects of CS theory and AI.

Instructor: Ian Tullis (please call me Ian instead of Mr./Prof. Tullis!) I'm a Master's student in CS (Theory, backed with AI/ML). Prior to this, I worked at Google on Search and Code Jam, but I decided to leave to try to be a CS lecturer; this is my final quarter at Stanford, after which I will work for The Art of Problem Solving as a curriculum designer. Please feel free to email me anytime at itullis@.

Weekly class meetings: In most weeks, we will have two 50-minute meetings. The Wednesday meeting is a lecture (with some interactive components). The Friday meeting is purely for fun -- I will bring various problems / puzzles to solve. Both of these run from 4:30-5:20 PM in room 380-380W (the basement of the Sloan Math Department building, which is at the northeast corner of the Main Quad).

Expectations/Grading: The class is graded Satisfactory / No Credit. To earn a Satisfactory grade, do at least one of the following:

Later in the quarter, I will send a Google form where you can indicate which lectures you've attended so far and which of the above options you want to choose.

Ed: We have a course Ed forum where you can ask questions about material pertaining to the class (or in the class's general orbit), share puzzles/games or observations thereupon, share the optional projects mentioned above, etc.

OAE accommodations: If you have a letter from the Office of Accessible Education, and/or if you have particular needs/circumstances that I should be aware of (or if there's anything else I can do to help), please email me.

Tentative lecture schedule


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I know, I know... and if you took CS109A with me, you are already familiar with my Web design style :D To be honest, any time I might spend trying to make the site look better would probably be better spent on designing/improving the course content itself.

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