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  • Welcome to Autumn 2017 CS9! Class starts Tuesday, September 26.

Course Summary

This course will prepare students to interview for software engineering and related internships and full-time positions in industry. Drawing on multiple sources of actual interview questions, students will learn key problem-solving strategies specific to the technical/coding interview. Students will be encouraged to synthesize information they have learned across different courses in the major. Emphasis will be on the oral and combination written-oral modes of communication common in coding interviews, but which are an unfamiliar settings for problem solving for many students.

Location STLC 111
Credits 1
Grades Satisfactory/No Credit
Prerequisites CS106B/X

Course Logistics and Policies

Students are required to attend seven of the eight class meetings between Week 2 and Week 8 (inclusive) to receive credit. No exceptions! (No attendance taken on the first day of class, and there is no class meeting the last two weeks of the quarter.)


Cynthia Lee, Instructor
Office Gates 190
Jerry Cain, Instructor
Office Gates 192

Schedule (Tentative)

Date Topic Notes
Week 1, Sept 26 Introduction, The Landscape, and Resumes Slides
Week 2, October 3 RĂ©sume Critiques Slides
Week 3, October 10 Career Fair Survival Guide, Interview Basics: Coding Coding interview basics (Slides + links to our practice questions are on the last 2 slides)
Week 4, October 17 Startup Panel Hear from 4 founders/CEOs about creating and/or working for a startup
Week 5, October 24 Interview Basics: Team/Behavioral questions Slides
Week 6, October 31 Sample Problems (no class meeting!) [Anagrams] (easy)
[TwoSum] (medium)
[ListShuffling] (hard)
[SubarraySums] (hard)
Week 7, November 7 Student Panel Current Stanford students share their experiences with their most recent job searches.
Week 8, November 14 Practice!! Basic Problem Set (Medium difficulty) (no solutions)
Recursion Problem Set Pt. A (High difficulty) (solutions)
Recursion Problem Set Pt. B (High difficulty) (solutions)