CS93: Teaching AI

Fall 2019


Course Description  This course prepares new AI section leaders to teach, write, and evaluate AI content. In class, you will be evaluating final projects individually and as a group. You will have discussions criticizing papers and assigning grades to them. You will analyze and solve discussion session problems on the board, explain algorithms like backpropagation, and learn how to give constructive feedback to students. The class will also include a guest speaker who will give teaching advice and talk about AI. Focus is on teaching skills, techniques, and final projects grading. The class meets once a week for the first 6 weeks of the quarter.

Welcome to the Stanford AI Section leader Family!


  • Welcome to CS 93: Teaching AI

Course Information

Time and Location
The course will meet on Thursdays from 4:30 - 5:50 pm in 160 - 321.
Contact Information
If you have a question, to get a response from the teaching staff quickly email younes@stanford.edu.
What should I expect from this class?
  • Be prepared to defend the grade you assigned to a final paper or project.
  • You will explain difficult concepts on the board while being recorded. One of the best ways to improve is to watch yourself teaching.
  • You will learn to spot ambiguous problems and write them more clearly.
  • You will be comfortable teaching AI infront of a camera.
  • Why should I take this class?
    Not only will you get to meet other friends who are TAing an AI course, but you will also learn valuable skills in the teaching, writing, and grading AI. You will ask, and be asked difficult questions when explaining concepts on the board and you will see yourself teaching again and again. By the end of the course, you will be comfortable teaching infront of a camera and you will be able to effectively grade a final paper.


    Students are expected to have the following background:
    • A strong background in AI
    • A strong passion in education and teaching
    Course Materials
    We will give you handouts on a weekly basis.

    Acknowledegment   This webpage is using the code from Shuqui Qu and Ziang Xie who have built the CS229 webpage, special thanks to them.