War & Peace Trade & Environment Poverty & Prejudice

Ethics of Development in a Global Environment

The EDGE seminar series was started over twenty years ago. It draws speakers from Stanford and around the world who deal with the real world issues of War and Peace (Autumn), Trade and the Environment (Winter) and Poverty and Prejudice (Spring). Through the talks and following discussions, EDGE gets to the issues behind the headlines, seeking a deeper understanding for students who will deal with these issues during their careers.

EDGE seeks international and multicultural viewpoints to highlight sources of inequality and strife in a world with shrinking resources and growing demand. Through the talks, discussions and workshops students will identify and recommend solutions to important issues. The best of the papers will be published in the EDGE Journals available on this web site.


For 1 unit C/NC: Students will attend nine out of the ten Wednesday evening lectures. Attendance is recorded on a sign-up list handed out each evening. The talks are recorded on videotape and put on reserve in the Terman Library. Makeup of a missed lecture can be done by viewing a taped lecture in Terman Library and handing in a half page summary at the next meeting, or to Ana Maria (Packard Bldg, room 231) or email the summary to Ana Maria at aortega1@leland. Note: THERE IS NO GRADE OPTION FOR THE 1-UNIT CREDIT. CR/NC IS MANDATORY. In addition, a 3-page opinion paper is required at the end of the quarter. The topic assignment will be handed out Wednesday, November 22 and the paper is due by Friday, December 8.

For 4 units graded workshop: In addition to attending the Wednesday night seminars, students will attend workshop meetings one hour/week. In the workshop, students will form subgroups of two to five, researching a topic important to the EDGE themes. At the end of the quarter, each group will prepare and tape a 15 to 20 minute TV presentation of their results and hand in a substantive written report, due Friday, December 8. These reports will be sent to groups working on the real world issues and will be published on the EDGE web site for following EDGE classes. The paper must also be turned in on a diskette in HTML format for a PC.

War & Peace 3-page Opion Paper should address the following: The topic assignment will be handed out Wednesday, November 22


Coordinating Faculty:
* Prof. Bruce Lusignan, Packard EE Bldg, Room 237, lusignan@ee.stanford.edu
* Prof. Akhil Gupta, Bldg. 110, Room 112B, 723-3247, akgupta@leland.stanford.edu

Program Assistant:
* Ana Maria Ortega, Packard EE Bldg., Room 231, 723-3472, aortega1@leland.stanford.edu

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