Education 161
David Rogosa rag@leland Office Hours:     Thursday 3-4 PM
Sequoia Hall, Room 224
Alex Harris, Teaching Assistant.   alexsox@leland
Office Hours: Wednesday 1-3 PM, Cubberley 52
060|161|0|01| 03  |3:15  | *S Statistical Analysis in Educational Research
   |   | |  |     |-5:05 |  [Rogosa,D] CERAS130 MWF 
Prerequisites   Enrollment in Ed161 requires satisfactory completion of Ed160. Students who wish to enroll in Ed161 who have not taken Ed160 can satisfy the requirement with good performance on an entry exam which will be scheduled for Thursday 1/6/00. Any questions can be raised at the first class meeting 1/5/00.
Main Text
Glass, G. V. & Hopkins, K. D. (1996). Statistical Methods in Education and Psychology. Third Edition. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. (GH)
Auxiliary Text: Minitab Handbook. Ryan, Joiner, & Ryan, 1985.
Second Edition. Boston:PWS-Kent Publishing (or recent 3rd Edition). (MT)
Course Meetings are 3:15-5:00 in C130 according to the following schedule:
       Jan                Feb                Mar             
  M Tu  W Th  F       M Tu  W Th  F      M Tu  W Th  F    
                            2                  1     3    
        5     7       7     9    11            8      [Dead Week]
 10    12            14                                    
       19                  23                             
 24    26    28      28 
black=lecture; blue=problem section

A fancier Course Calendar is available in pdf format
The Course Calendar indicates the schedule for lectures (approx. every other week), Section meetings plus the dates for Homeworks and Final Problems.

Start-up problem. Before the first class a small data analysis exercise will be posted. Some time will be set aside at the end of the 1/7/00 class for discussion. Solution to start-up problem
Update 6PM 1/5. By popular demand the HSB data sets are also available via web services. You may load and "save as" or load and cut-and-paste to your desktops by going to
Course Content
Course outline will be supplemented with specific readings and materials
Course Examples and Files Links in this file take you directly to the specific data or data analysis example used in lecture.

HW1 assignment     HW1 solution
HW2 assignment     HW2 solution
HW3 assignment     HW3 solution
HW4 assignment     HW4 solution

Final Problems
problems     solution
Due 5PM 3/15