EDUCATION 161      Winter 2000

David Rogosa

I. Design and Analysis of Comparative Studies (Experiments)

Lectures 1-7.     GH chaps 15,17,18,19

Review: Inferences for population means: one-group, two-group designs GH chaps 11-12

A. Comparing group outcomes on a single classification: One-way analysis of variance
1. Data Strucures, models, and inference for group outcomes on a single classification
2. Multiple comparisons in one-way anova
3. Design--Sample size and power
4. Nonparametric alternatives

B. Factorial Designs
1. Two-way fixed effects anova and interactions
2. Fixed, random, and mixed models
3. Multiple comparisons
4. Variance component estimation
5. ?Unbalanced designs
6. ?k-way classifications

II. Analysis of Association: Correlation and Regression

Lectures 8-11.     GH chaps 7,8,(maybe 21?)

Review:  Correlation and Straight-line regression

1. Inference for Correlation and Straight-line regression
2. Model violations and transformations
3. Multiple regression
4. Polynomial regression
5. ?Regression Models with Categorical Variables and Analysis of covariance
6. ?Regression with Dichotomous Outcome Variables

III. Analysis of Categorical and Count Data

Lectures 12-14.     GH chap 13

1. Inference for Univariate Categorical Data: Binomial and Multinomial
2. Bivariate Categorical Data: Contingency Tables
3. Counts & Poisson Distribution
4. ?Multi-way Contingency Tables, Introduction to log-linear models