Education 257
David Rogosa, Winter-Spring 2003

Class Nbr  Subject/Catalog Nbr  Title  
27953      EDUC  257A           Statistical Methods for Behavioral and Social Sciences 
           Educ313              Mon Wed Fri  3:15PM - 5:05PM     Rogosa,David R
           Grading Basis            Min-Max Units
           Reg Satisfactory/NC      3 - 3  
Applied linear statistical models. Neter, Kutner, Nachtsheim & Wasserman 1996. Fourth edition. Homewood IL: Irwin, Inc. (NWK)
An Introduction to categorical data analysis. Alan Agresti, 1996, Wiley-Interscience
Auxiliary Text: Minitab Handbook. Ryan, Joiner, & Ryan, 1985. Second Edition. Boston:PWS-Kent Publishing (or recent 3rd Edition). (MT)

Course Meetings are 3:15-5:00 in e313 according to the following schedule:
                         Education 257 2003

Winter quarter
     January                    February                 March             
    M Tu  W Th  F              M Tu  W Th  F          M Tu  W Th  F   
          8[intro mtg]         3     5                3     5       
   13    15                                                12[review mtg] DeadW
  HOL                        HOL    19    21                              ExamW
         29    31             24    26                                                                             

Spring quarter                                  
       April                       May                    June              
    M Tu  W Th  F              M Tu  W Th  F          M Tu  W Th  F 
          2     4                                     2[review mtg] Dead Wk
    7     9                                                         Exam Wk
                              12    14    16                         
   21    23    25             19                                      
   28                        HOL                      

Course outline will be supplemented with specific readings and materials
Course Examples and Files   Links in this file take you directly to the specific data or data analysis example used in lecture.

First task is to figure out where to start in the curriculum.   Introductory Exercises are intended to give you and me useful information on student preparation and course planning.
Try the Ed161 Final especially problems 1, 2, 4a and these additional review problems .
Solutions to Introductory Exercises

2003 Assignments
Assignment 1
Solutions to Assignment 1
                 Due in Rogosa's mailbox 3/21
                 Solutions to FINAL PROBLEMS
Assignment 2
Solutions to Assignment 2

Assignment 3
Solutions to Assignment 3

Spring Qtr
Assignment 4
Solutions to Assignment 4

Assignment 5
Solutions to Assignment 5

Assignment 6
Solutions to Assignment 6

                 Due in Rogosa's mailbox latest for grade 6/11
                 Solutions to FINAL PROBLEMS