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In formal learning settings (schools) and informal settings (any place but school) the design of space shapes personal interactions and affords learning opportunities. This project-based, collaborative course gives students the chance to integrate learning principles into the design of specific spaces for real clients and develop a rubric to assess the impact that spaces have on learning.

Our course will use a WIKI this quarter to build a knowledge base around learning spaces, to collaborate on our projects, and to post reflections on the intersection of learning and space. Each page of this site can be edited by anyone else in the class - and even the world. The site stores every version of each page, so if you make a mistake or if you feel like a recent update adds no value, you can click history and return the page to its original condition.

Some spaces we will explore this quarter are:


public spaces (airports, cafes, etc.)museums

We look forward to building a community of desingers interested in improving spaces to support learning.

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