The midterm exam will be held during class time on Tuesday October 24, 9am–10:20am, in Hewlett 200. Please bring some scratch paper for doing rough work (that you will not hand in).

The midterm will cover all material up to and including section 10.3 (matrix powers) of the textbook, as well as homework assignments 1–3. It will be closed book, notes, laptop, etc.

The exam will have a format similar to the quizzes and homework problems, except that we will not ask you to do any computation (say, with Julia) during the exam.

We will not assign homework 4 until after the midterm, so you will have some time to review the material and prepare.

For practice:

This year's midterm:

  • The solutions to the 2017 midterm are available here.

  • Anonymized 2017 midterm scores are available as a matrix here. Use include(“midterm_17_scores.jl”) to load it into Julia as a matrix called scores.