EE 133 HSPICE Information

Relevant Information:

  • For using HSPICE in Sweet Hall, you have two options: Either go to Sweet Hall, or connect to Sweet Hall machines remotely using an Xserver such as VNC.
  • If you already have Leland account, log in using your username and password. On Sweet Hall machines, you would be able to use the HSPICE from the command prompt.

HSPICE and UNIX Reference Guides and Tutorials

  • The EE133 HSPICE "Quick" Reference Sheet (PDF)
  • The EE133 HSPICE Tutorial (PDF)
  • A Brief Introduction to HSPICE and UNIX (PDF)
  • Running VNC Quick Reference (PDF)


  • Avant! HSPICE manual (PDF) - NOTE: This file is 10MB and and over 1700 pages, so please DO NOT PRINT IT!!!

    This manual is also available on Leland at /usr/class/ee133/WWW/spice/hspiceman.pdf
  • Another manual is available on Leland at /usr/class/ee/hspice/97/docs/hspice/Postscript

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