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Course:            EE241 ~ Waves I


Lecture:           MWF 9:00am,  Bldg. 200 Room No: 203.


Instructor:       Professor Len Tyler

                        Packard 331, 723-3535

                        Office Hours:  Packard 331, MW 1:15 – 3:15p, or appointment.


TA:                  Piyush Shanker Agram

                        Packard 302, 723-3669

                        Office Hours:  Packard 104, Mon  (5:00-6:30p) and  Thu 4:00-5:30p. 



SUMMARY (from the Stanford Bulletin):

Introduction to waves and wave phenomena as they appear in different natural, lab and application settings.  Electromagnetic, acoustic, seismic, atmospheric, plasma and water waves and their mathematical and physical correspondence in terms of Hamilton's principle.  Propagation, attenuation, reflection, refraction, surface and laminal guiding, and intrinsic and structural dispersion; energy density, power flow and phase and group velocities.  Geometric and structural complexities are minimized to stress basic wave concepts common to diverse fields of application.  Analysis in terms of transmission line and impedance concepts using exponential notation and vector phasors.  Treatment limited to plane harmonic waves in isotropic media.  Nonhomogeneous cases limited to plane interfaces and exponentially stratified media.


PREREQUISITES:  EE142 or equivalent: a minimum of two quarters of undergraduate courses in electromagnetics or waves.  Also, calculus and an introduction to or experience with partial differential equations.




09.21.05    05:00a:              Welcome to EE241!!  If you have any questions regarding the class, please feel free to contact the TA (see above).


                                                The first day of class is on Monday, September 26, 2005, at 9:00a and is scheduled to be held in 200-203 (Building 200 or  Lane History Corner , Room 203).  Please note that the location of the class is different from the originally specified class on Axess (540-103).


                                                The Course Reader is available at the Bookstore.  Two other required texts (Physics of Waves by Elmore and Heald, and Fields and Waves in Communications Electronics by Ramo, Whinnery, and Van Duzer) are also available.  Reserved books for the course are available at the Engineering Library in Terman.


                                                The email list for the class is populated by the Registrar.  So, only students registered to take the class will be added to the list.  If you are not registered but would like to receive email, please contact the TA.





Handouts will be posted on this web page unless otherwise announced.  Extra copies of handouts will be available in the desk outside Packard 331.


·         Class Information:      Postscript and PDF

·         Class Synopsis:            Postscript and PDF 

·         Books on Reserve:      Postscript and PDF




Homeworks will be posted on this web page unless otherwise announced.  Extra copies of homeworks will be available in the desk outside Packard 331.  Turn in assignments at table in front of Packard 331 by 4:30pm on the due date, unless specified otherwise.

·         Problem Set #1  :     Postscript and PDF

·         Problem Set #2  :     Postscript and PDF

·         Problem Set #3  :     Postscript and PDF

·         Problem Set #4  :     Postscript and PDF

·         Problem Set #5  :     Postscript and PDF

·         Problem Set #6  :     Postscript and PDF

·         Problem Set #7  :     Postscript and PDF

·         Problem Set #8  :     Postscript and PDF


           Links to some online Java applets that may help in visualization and better understanding. Beware of different notations used in these applets.

·         Transverse Waves and Longitudinal Waves

·         Standing Longitudinal Waves

·         Multi-dimensional Waves

·         Electromagnetic waves-I

·         Electromagnetic waves-II

·         Electromagnetic waves-III

·         Polarization

·         EM Modes

·         P-waves and S-waves in Earthquakes

·         Ocean waves and Rayleigh waves



Some handouts are available, but cannot be posted electronically.  Check the handout drawer outside of Packard 331.


·         Matlab Primer:                             Postscript and PDF

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