EE 281 Lab 1: Getting Started

The Lab 1 handout gives the basic outline for completing the assignment, but here is additional information to accompany the handout. 

  1. Using AVR Studio:

If you want to start working from a computer other than the lab, you must install the AVR Studio software for writing/debugging your code.  AVR Studio lets you assemble your code for downloading to a development board, but it will also allow you to simulate the code on your PC.   AVR Studio can be downloaded from here:  AVR Studio 3.52 IDE


  1. Programming the STK500 Using AVR Studio:

In order to program the processor on the STK500, you must first connect the serial cable from the development kit to the serial port of your PC.  The programming tool for the STK500 can then be accessed by selecting STK500/AVRISP/JTAG from the Tools menu in AVR Studio (Tools->STK500/AVRISP/JTAG ICE).  This will pop up an STK500 dialog box.  If the serial cable is connected properly, the bottom of the dialog box should indicate that the STK500 was found by the software (example: “Detecting.. STK500 found on COM2:”).  You will then need to make sure that the proper options are selected, as described below:


  1. Troubleshooting Tips:

Some tips that may be of some help:


  1. E-mail the TA if you have further questions: This information was intended to help you get started with the basic tools needed to perform Lab 1.  If you have further questions or if you find errors in this write-up, please notify the TA.

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