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This list is not even close to being comprehensive!
Company Product Page Examples of Products
Analog Devices Products and Datasheets amplifiers, audio, DACs, ADCs, DSPs, communications, sensors, video, switches, RF, voltage references, power management, motor control, imaging, display drivers
National Semiconductor Parametric Product Catalog amplifers, buffers, DAC, ADC, display drivers, references, sensors, regulators, audio, automotive, video, communications, networks, microprocessors, microcontrollers
Intel Products and Services microprocessors, microcontrollers, networking, flash memory, bus interfaces
Agilent Technologies (formerly HP) Semiconductor Products optics, communications, networks, imaging, thermal management, RF/microwave, motion control, infrared, barcodes
Sony Semiconductor Products sensors, multimedia, LCD, SRAM, communications, DACs, ADCs, video
Hitachi Semiconductor Products microcontrollers, microprocessors, DRAM, SRAM, LCD drivers, logic, optics, transistors, diodes, amplifiers
Texas Instruments Product Index DSPs, logic, audio, clocks, ADCs, DACs, power management, RF, communications, video, PALs, PROMs
Motorola Product Catalog DSPs, video, memory, memory, microcontrollers, RF, communications, microprocesors, automotive, clock drivers
ON Semiconductor (formerly part of Motorola Product Catalog amplifiers, switches, multiplexers, power management, interfaces, thermal managament, logic, transitors, diodes
Linear Technology Product Info ADCs, DACs, regulators, power, motor control, amplifiers, filters
Infineon (formerly part of Siemens) Products DRAM, communications, microcontrollers, power, optics, RF, sensors
Philips Product Catalog microcontrollers, communications, video, audio, peripherals, clocks, sensors, amplifiers, transistors, thyristors, diodes


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