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Final Project for Autumn 2013-2014

Student-Proposed Projects

Project Teams and Topics

# Team Members Project Title Mentor Proposal Report Presentation Video Code
1 Patrick Martinchek, Nobie Redmon, Imran Thobani Low Light Mobile Video Processing Dr. Peter Vajda PDF PDF PDF ZIP
2 Piyush Sharma, Kacyn Fujii Automatic Contact Importer from Business Cards for Android Huizhong Chen PDF PDF PDF MP4 ZIP
3 Nathan Loewke Haralick Texture Analysis for Stem Cell Identification David Chen PDF PDF PDF AVI ZIP
4 Hendrickje Luyten Crystal Area Calculation of Mono-like Solar Wafers Andre Araujo PDF PDF ZIP ZIP
5 Ben Johnson Reverse Engineering of Printed Circuit Boards Matt Yu PDF PDF PDF ZIP
6 Hee Yoon Lee Automated Detection of Cochlear Structures on Optical Coherence Tomography Volume Images David Chen PDF PDF PDF AVI
7 Alex Cousland, Charley Ho, Jamie Nakamura Automatic Silhouette-based Puzzle Assembly Dr. Peter Vajda PDF PDF PDF ZIP
8 SiQi Cheng, Paul Theodosis, Lauren Wilson Road Sign Detection and Distance Estimation in Autonomous Car Application Sam Tsai PDF PDF PDF ZIP
9 Joe Maguire, David Saltzman Augmented Reality Tic Tac Toe Dr. Roland Angst PDF PDF PDF MP4 ZIP
10 Preeyanka Shah Image Processing Aerial Thermal Images to Determine Water Stress on Crops Matt Yu PDF PDF PDF ZIP
11 Caleb Jordan Feature Extraction from Depth Maps for Object Recognition Dr. Roland Angst PDF PDF PDF ZIP
12 Yilong Geng, Zizhen Jiang Reflections Removal on Mobile Devices Sam Tsai PDF PDF PDF ZIP
13 Ben Tsai, Sukolsak Sakshuwong Whiteboard Image Extraction and Archival Tool Sam Tsai PDF PDF PDF M4V ZIP
14 Nguyen Van Le Compressed Sensing for Image Denoising David Chen PDF PDF PDF ZIP
15 Eirik Ravnan Robust phase detection of a bird wing in flight Matt Yu PDF PDF PDF AVI ZIP

Project Poster Session Photos

Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Boin for taking the photos.

Project Report and Poster Resources

Report Format:
The IEEE conference paper templates are available here.

Poster Format:
A Powerpoint template with dimensions 2 feet by 3 feet is available here, and some past examples are available here.

Poster Printing:
The teaching staff will be able to help you print your final project poster. To request printing by us, please follow these steps:
  • Make sure your poster is finalized before sending to us for printing. Check closely for spelling and formatting errors.
  • Please send the poster in PPT or PDF format to by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 4, 11:59pm.
  • Once the poster is printed, we will send you an email regarding when and where to pick it up.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this page.
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