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Final Project for Winter 2013-2014

Student-Proposed Projects

Project Teams and Topics

# Team Members Project Title Mentor Proposal Report Presentation Video Code
1 Rivers Ingersoll Visualization of Hummingbird Flight Dr. Roland Angst PDF PDF PDF WMV ZIP
2 Steve Leung, Steffi Perkins, Colleen Rhoades Bananagrams Helper for Android Huizhong Chen PDF PDF PDF WMV ZIP
3 Matthew Wilson, Jerry Giese Basketball Localization and Location Prediction Prof. Hany Farid PDF PDF PDF ZIP
4 Jacob Waggoner Detection of Hand Position and Orientation in Video Andre Araujo PDF PDF PDF MOV ZIP
5 Joseph Landry, Jessica Maxey, Phil Lee Recognition of Cartoon Characters in Comic Strips Dr. Peter Vajda PDF PDF PDF MOV
6 Grant Yang Combining Images for High Resolution Starry Night Panoramas David Chen PDF PDF PDF ZIP
7 Xuefeng Chen Determination of Static and Dynamic Properties of Muscle from SHG Sarcomere Images David Chen PDF PDF PDF ZIP
8 Janice Lai Automatic Cell Counter and Characterization Matt Yu PDF PDF PDF ZIP
9 Haoran Li, Hao Zhang, Yang Zhang Event Info Extraction from Mobile Camera Images Huizhong Chen PDF PDF PDF MP4 ZIP
10 Saumitro Dasgupta Indoor Augmented Reality using 3D Scene Reconstruction Dr. Roland Angst PDF NPA NPA NPA NPA
11 Stephanie Hsu 3-D Reconstruction of Images from a Miniature Camera Matt Yu PDF PDF PDF ZIP
12 Jeff Wheeler, Muneeb Ahmed Generating PowerPoint Slides from Hand-Drawn Sketches Sam Tsai PDF PDF PDF ZIP
13 Soohark Chung Exploring Efficient Image-Based 3D Rendering Dr. Peter Vajda PDF PDF PDF ZIP
14 Ved Chirayath, Oscar Galvan-Lopez, Ronnie Instrella Blind Wave Field Characterization from Fluid Lensing Andre Araujo PDF PDF PDF ZIP

NPA = not publicly available at the request of the project team

Project Poster Session Photos

Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Boin for taking the photos.

Project Report and Poster Resources

Report and Poster Guidelines:
Please find the official guidelines on how to prepare the report and poster here.

Report Template:
The IEEE conference paper templates are available here.

Poster Template:
A Powerpoint template with dimensions 2 feet by 3 feet is available here, and some past examples are available here.

Poster Printing:
The teaching staff will be able to help you print your final project poster. To request printing by us, please follow these steps:
  • Make sure your poster is finalized before sending to us for printing. Check closely for spelling and formatting errors.
  • Please send the poster in PPT or PDF format to by 8:00am on Tuesday, March 11.
  • Once the poster is printed, we will send you an email regarding when and where to pick it up.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this page.
Last modified: 03/18/2014