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Final Project for Winter 2017-2018

Student-Proposed Projects

Project Teams and Topics

# Team Members Project Title Mentor Proposal Report Poster Video Code
1 Aparna Rajpurkar, Maggie Engler Optimal detection, separation, and analysis of FISH images Jayant Thatte PDF PDF PDF ZIP
2 Megan Fazio, Kyle Fisher, Tori Fujinami Tennis Ball Tracking: 3D Position Inference from Recorded Video Jean-Baptiste Boin PDF PDF PDF ZIP
3 Tien-Ning Hsu, Qian Yu, Rao Zhang, Zheng Lyu Handwritten Flowchart Generator Jean-Baptiste Boin PDF PDF PDF MOV ZIP
4 Deepti Sanjay Mahajan, Sarah Pao Radzihovsky, Ching-Hua (Fiona) Wang Auto Digitizer for Graphic without Manual Clicking Jayant Thatte PDF PDF PDF ZIP
5 Andrew Hilger, Sarah Hooper, Cedric Yue Layer Detection in Radar Sounder Images Jayant Thatte PDF PDF PDF ZIP
6 Yundong Zhang, Rewa Sood, Negin Behzadian Automatic Anatomy Segmentation of Spine Structure and Abnormality Detection Jean-Baptiste Boin PDF NPA NPA NPA
7 Juan Camacho, Alvin Kim Feature Point Matching-based Video Stabilization in Smartphones Jean-Baptiste Boin PDF PDF PDF ZIP
8 Kelly Guan, Farah Memon, Lars Jebe Learning to Detect Light Field Features Jayant Thatte PDF PDF PDF ZIP

Project Report and Poster Resources

Report and Poster Guidelines:
Please find the official guidelines on how to prepare the report and poster here.

Report Template:
The IEEE conference paper templates are available here.

Poster Template:
A Powerpoint template with dimensions 2 feet by 3 feet is available here, and some past examples are available here.

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