Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, May 15, 2002
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B03

Subwavelength Geometries:
Dealing with the Soaring Challenges of Lithography Masks

Stanley Mazor
Numerical Technologies, Inc.
About the talk:

Stanley Mazor will speak about recent trends in advanced photomasks and lithography. One of the limitations to extending Gordon Moore's law of increasing semiconductor density is that the imaging elements are approaching the wavelength of light and that it is a challenge to create images of sub-wavelength dimensions. Resolution enhancement techniques and the use of advanced photo masks to improve device cost and performance will also be reviewed.

About the speaker:

Stanley Mazor is the Director of Customer Services at Numerical Technologies, Inc., a San Jose company which provides services in advanced photolithography.

In 1969 Stan joined the then-startup Intel Corporation, where he developed architecture specifications for the industry's first microprocessors, including the Intel 4004 and 8080, for which he shares the fundamental design patents. Through 1984 Stan held a variety of positions within Intel including Applications Support Engineer for European Operations and supervisor of the company's microcomputer training development group.

From 1984 to 1988 Stan was Director of Customer Engineering Services at Silicon Compiler Systems (SCS), where he developed application-specific ICs. In 1988 he joined Synopsys as Technical Training Manager. He is the author of the hardware design language textbook, "A Guide to VHDL", and has published more than 50 articles on the design and application of VLSI, including signal processing, instrumentation, security, and optimization.

Stan has also taught courses at Stanford University and the University of Santa Clara; has been a guest lecturer in China, Finland, and Sweden; was elected to the Inventor's Hall of Fame; and has been awarded the Kyoto Prize, the PC Magazine lifetime achievement award, the Robert Brown--American Innovator Award, and the Robert Noyce Award presented by the Semiconductor Industries Association.

Mr. Mazor enjoys sailing, cooking, and is an amateur architect.

Contact information:

Stan Mazor
Numerical Technologies, Inc.
70 W. Plumeria Drive
San Jose, CA 95134