Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, October 1, 2003
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B03

dns typosquatting: methods, effects, and counteraction
what verisign's sitefinder means for the internet domain system

paul vixie
About the talk:

On September 15 2003, VeriSign added a DNS wildcard to the COM and NET zones. On September 17, ISC released a patch to BIND that allows our users to filter out the effects of these wildcards. In this extemporaneous talk, Paul Vixie of ISC will explain what happened, who's upset about it, and why.


Breaking News:

ICANN says to Versign: Close down Sitefinder within 24 hours or else
Versign capitulates and agrees to close down Sitefinder

About the speaker:

Paul Vixie was the last maintainer of BIND4, the main author of BIND8, and an architect of BIND9. After cofounding MAPS (an anti-spam company) and having some some excellent adventures in DotBombLand, he returned to ISC in May 2002 as its full time president. Paul holds the record for "most CERT advisories due to a single author", and no longer writes code that other people will see.

Contact information:

paul vixie
950 charter street
redwood city
ca 94063