Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, January 19, 2005
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B03

PlanetLab Design Principles and Experiences

Timothy Roscoe
Intel Research at Berkeley
About the talk:

PlanetLab is a geographically distributed platform for deploying, evaluating, and accessing planetary-scale network services. PlanetLab is a shared community effort by a large international group of researchers, each of whom gets access to one or more isolated "slices" of PlanetLab's global resources via a concept we call distributed virtualization. In order to encourage innovation in infrastructure, PlanetLab decouples the operating system running on each node from a set of multiple, possibly 3rd-party network-wide services that define PlanetLab, a principle we refer to as unbundled management. This talk will examine the design principles of PlanetLab together with the experience we have gained in building and operating the platform over the past two years.

About the speaker:

Timothy Roscoe received a PhD from the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, where he was a principal designer and builder of the Nemesis operating system, as well as working on the Wanda microkernel and Pandora multimedia system. After three years working at an Internet startup company in North Carolina, he worked as a researcher at Sprint's Advanced Technology Lab in Burlingame, California, where he worked on application hosting platforms, networking monitoring, and assorted systems management and security problems. Mothy joined Intel Research at Berkeley in April 2002, where his work is centered on PlanetLab: an open, shared platform for developing and deploying planetary-scale services.

Contact information:

Timothy Roscoe
Intel Research at Berkeley
2150 Shattuck Avenue Suite 1300
Berkeley, CA 94704, USA