Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, Feb 22, 2005
HP Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B01

Cell Broadband Engine Processor and its applications

H. Peter Hofstee, Ph.D.
About the talk:

This talk will discuss the main design choices in the Cell Broadband Engine architecture, and its first implementation. We will discuss application areas where Cell has already proven its value, and discuss how Cell-type architectures might evolve over time.


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About the speaker:

Peter Hofstee is the chief scientist for Cell and the chief architect of the synergistic processor element, a key component of the Cell broadband engine (tm) processor. After getting his PhD from Caltech in 1994 and two years on the faculty, Peter joined the IBM Austin Research Laboratory in 1996 where he worked on the world's first GHz CMOS microprocessor prototype and other high-performance microprocessor designs. In mid 2000 Peter joined the team to develop the concept of the Cell Broadband Processor,which is the central processing unit of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3, and has already found a number of other uses. Peter has 30 plus issued patents and 60 plus patents pending, most of them Cell related.

Contact information:

H Peter Hofstee
11500 Burnet Rd
MS 9062007D
512 838 2205
512 838 1272