Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, November 7, 2007
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B03

Parallel Programming 2.0
Software Threading for Multi-Core

Renee J. James
Intel Corporation
About the talk:

Multi-core processing has replaced GHz as the driver of performance and it presents software developers with a new challenge: programming for concurrency. Renee and her co-presenter, Wei Li, director of the Emerging Products Lab inside Intel's Software & Solutions Group, will touch upon Intel's processor direction for multi-core and then dive into its impact to software. Parallel programming in the mainstream has different characteristics than in the previous era when it was restricted to high performance computing. Renee and Wei will cover this new paradigm, its challenges and some of the solutions being developed by the software industry.

About the speaker:

Renee J. James is vice president and general manager of the Software and Solutions Group for Intel Corporation. She is responsible for software strategy, products and services for the corporation, with research and development operations in more than 20 countries.

James manages the worldwide teams that interact with all software companies that do business with Intel. These key relationships encompass the entire product lifecycle from early planning, to deep product enabling, to sales and marketing activities. Her responsibilities include managing a global developer relations group, in addition to the engineering and product teams. James also oversees Intel Solution Services, Intel's worldwide professional services organization. James has contributed to several key software and services efforts during her tenure at Intel. She was the product and program manager for the first software video codecs (Indeo), and was a key member of the team developing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the unification of Unix on Intel Architecture, in addition to being part of the pioneering team working with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to move applications to the Intel Architecture. James was also the assistant general manager of the Intel Online Services hosting business and served for four years as technical assistant to then-Intel chairman and CEO Andrew S. Grove, now Senior Advisor to Executive Management. James joined Intel in 1987. She received her bachelor's degree in international business in 1986 and her MBA in 1992, both from the University of Oregon. James serves on the VMware Inc. board of directors.

Contact information:

Renee James
Intel Corporation