Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, Sept 29, 2010
HP Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B03

Challenge to Open Systems Problems

Mario Tokoro
President and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
About the talk:

Now in the 21 century, most of the important problems that we need to solve are that of integrated systems consisting with many mutually-related, time-varying subsystems. These systems cannot be treated as closed systems but as open systems. Problems of open systems cannot be solved simply by reductionism, and therefore require a new methodology. The lecturer proposes a new scientific methodology called Open Systems Science and shows some examples to which the methodology is applied successfully, including huge software systems, medical, and environmental problems. Book:

To further explore this topic you may want to read Open Systems Science: Understanding, Principles to Solving Problems (The Future of Learning) in which multiple authors explore the nature and applications of open systems science.


Download the slides for this presentation in PDF.

About the speaker:

Mario Tokoro received Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Keio University and became Professor of Computer Science at Keio University. He had visiting positions at University of Waterloo, Carnegie-Mellon University, GMD, and University of Paris VI. He is an expert in Computer Architectures, Object-Oriented Distributed Systems, and Internet. During his being Associate Professor at Keio University in 1988, he established Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. and assumed as Director of Research. He retired Keio University in 1997 to become SVP of Sony Corporation, and assumed CTO in 2000. He promoted a common software platform for the consumer electronics products. He retired Sony Corporation in 2008. He received Ordre National du Merit from the Republic of France in 2005 and Docteur Honoris Causa from University of Paris in 2010.

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Mario Tokoro
Sony Computer Science Laboratories

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