Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, Sept 28, 2011
Skilling Auditorium, Stanford Campus

Pioneering the Application of Information Technology for a Smarter Planet

Mike Daniels
Post-Lecture Reception:

Following Mike Daniel's talk, there will be an informal reception to celebrate IBM's hundreth year just outside of Skilling Auditorium following the talk. Everyone is invited to attend.

About the talk:

IBM has been pioneering the application of the science of information for 100 years and played a major role in inventing and shaping a new industry. As part of its Centennial Celebration, IBM is partnering in 2011 with leading universities around the globe to explore how the world has changed in the past 100 years -- and the implications of those changes for the future.

Over the past century, technology, business and the systems by which our world works have undergone accelerating change in large measure because of the rapid growth in humanity's ability to manage information.

IBM has valuable knowledge and a distinct point of view to contribute to understanding this shift. With the benefit of hindsight, the so-called Information Age might seem obvious and its discoveries inevitable. But it was not always so and even today there is much to learn from exploring the trajectories that are now shaping the future of the science of information.

Our focus today is on the application of information technology for a smarter planet. In this talk, I will explain why this rapidly evolving science of information is relevant for 21st century leaders, look at the global transformation that's taking place, and, more importantly, predict what is to come.

IBM's First 100 Years (Video):

Experience the first 100 years of IBM through this 105 second YouTube video. It's a good introduction to what Mike Daniels has to say.


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About the speaker:

Michael E. Daniels Senior Vice President and Group Executive. IBM Services has worldwide responsibility for Services, which includes outsourcing, consulting and systems integration, application management, integrated technology services, maintenance and technical services, and global delivery. Together, these businesses account for more than half of IBM revenue. IBM is the leading information technology (IT) services company in the world with operations in more than 170 countries. IBM helps clients of all sizes integrate IT with business insight to create and deliver value for their customers and shareholders.

Previously, Mr. Daniels was general manager of IBM's Sales and Distribution operations in the United States, Canada, and Latin America, with responsibility for sales and support of the full range of IBM's information technology products, services, consulting offerings, and business solutions. Before that, he led Global Services in the Asia Pacific region.

Since joining IBM in 1976, Mr. Daniels has held a number of leadership positions in sales, marketing, and services, and was general manager of several services businesses, including Product Support Services, Availability Services, and Systems Solutions.

He sits on the Board of Directors for Tyco International and serves as IBM's Senior State Executive for Connecticut.

Mr. Daniels is a graduate of Holy Cross College in Massachusetts with a degree in political science and serves as a Trustee at the College.

Contact information:

Mike Daniels