Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory

EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Academic Year 2000-2001

Date Speaker Title (Click for Abstract and Bio) View
Sep 27, 2000 Kevin McGrath
64-bit Extensions to the x86 Architecture
Oct 4, 2000 Stan Mazor
Cadabra Design
Moore's "Promise" and Early Microcomputer Developments
Oct 11, 2000 Owen Densmore
Sun Microsystems
Oct 18, 2000 Ben Shneiderman
University of Maryland
User Interfaces for Information Visualization
The Eyes Have It
Oct 25, 2000 Stan Honey
Visualization Aids for Televised Sports
Nov 1, 2000 Steve Furber
The University,
Manchester, UK
Asynchronous Low-Power System-on-a-Chip Design
Nov 8, 2000 Wolf-Dietric Weber
Sonics, Inc.
MicroNetworks for System-on-Chip Integration
Nov 15, 2000 Allen Baum
Compaq Computer
Evolution in the Alpha Architecture
from 21164 to 21464
Nov 22, 2000
No Class
Nov 29, 2000 Christopher Alexander
The Missing Link in Software Pattern Theory
Generative sequences as the next breakthrough in programming
Dec 06, 2000 Ralph Osterhout
Osterhout Design Group
Technology and the Future of Toys
Jan 10, 2001 Alfred Spector
IBM Research Division
Computer Science
The Garage
Jan 17, 2001 Dr. Nick Tredennick
TechNerds International -and-
Gilder Publishing  
MEMS, Dynamic Silicon, and the Future of the Microchip Industry
Jan 24, 2001 Peter G. Neumann
SRI International
Risks in Computer-Based Elections
Jan 31, 2001 Steve McGeady
Drumlin Holdings
The Lessons of Antitrust:
A Case Study
Feb 7, 2001 Greg Chesson
Atheros Communication
An Overview of Quality of Service Issues in Wireless Networks
Feb 14, 2001 Ian Clarke
Freenet Creator and co-founder/CTO Uprizer, Inc.
The Freenet Project:
A distributed, decentralized information storage and retrevial system
Feb 21, 2001 Luiz André Barroso
Compaq Western Research Lab
The Piranha Project: Designing a Scalable CMP-based System for Commercial Workloads
Feb 28, 2001 Rob A. Rutenbar
Synthesis for Industrial-Scale Analog Intellectual Property
Mar 7, 2001 Igor Khandros
FormFactor, Inc.
Inspired Ideas in Engineering --
Solving the Semiconductor Manufacturing Dilemma
Mar 14, 2001 Rhea Tombropoulos
Stentor's iSyntax Technology: Enabling the digital presentation, distribution, and storage of medical images
April 4, 2001 Jeff Lotspiech
IBM Almaden
Content Protection For Recordable Media
April 11, 2001 Jack Russo, Esq.
Russo & Hale, LLP
How To Read "Terms of Use" Agreements
April 18, 2001 Jim Fruchterman
The Benetech Initiative
Bringing Socially Beneficial Technology into the Service of Humanity
April 25, 2001 Jeff McDonald and Anthony Umann
Open Source Residential Gateways
May 2, 2001 Oskar Mencer
Bell Labs & Imperial College, University of London
Computing with FPGAs
May 9, 2001 Tom Pittman
Repaying Chomsky
Using Compiler Technology for Natural Lanague Translation
May 16, 2001 Eric Hughes
Design for Commercial Reliance
May 23, 2001 Ronda Hauben
Usenet and the Usenet Archives
The Challenges of Building A Collaborative Technical Community
May 30, 2001 Jeffrey Jacobsen
Alien Technology
Fluidic Self Assembly
June 6, 2001 Mark Lacas
Lone Wolf Technologies
X-Internet and VNOS
The next step beyond the Web