Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering
Computer Systems Colloquium (EE380) Program

 VIRUS With the current COVID-19 epidemic all Stanford University Courses have moved on-line. EE380, a weekly Colloquium, will no longer meet on campus. Speakers and their talks will be announced on the Colloquium website and published to YouTube. Abstracts, speaker biographies, slides, publication status, and other information will be available at

All lectures are captured from remote locations using Zoom; all lectures will be published to YouTube. All lectures are public and may be viewed by anyone, whether connected to Stanford or not.

Stanford students may enroll in EE380 may enroll every Quarter in the Colloquium as a one unit S/NC class.

All enrolled students are required to keep an electronic notebook or journal and to write a short, pithy comment about each of the ten lectures and a short free form evaluation of the class in order to receive credit. Assignments are due at the end of the quarter, on the last day of examinations.

If more than ten lectures are included in a Quarter's EE380 series, enrolled student may choose which ten lectures view and use for the assignment.

The videos of many past EE380 talks can be found on YouTube; see the EE380 Playlist which is updated regularly. All talks have Abstracts, but there usually is no link from the the YouTube version back to the Abstract. Generally the Abstract can be found at where YY is the 2-digit year, MM is the month, and DD the date of the live presentation. The Abstract often has a links to a copy of the slides and other ancillary information.

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Title
Apr 9, 2020 Len Shustek Computer History Museum Meta Learning from history: the how and why of starting a computer history museum    [VIDEO]
Apr 9, 2020 Monica Lam Computer Science
Stanford University
Social Media Agents Building the Smartest and Open Virtual Assistant to Protect Privacy    [VIDEO]
Apr 15, 2020 François Charton Facebook (Paris) Machine Learning Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics [VIDEO]
Apr 22, 2020 Josh Bongard University of Vermont Synthetic Biology Computer Designed Organisms [VIDEO]
Apr 29, 2020 Steven Pu Taraxa Blockchain Practical Blockchain Applications    [VIDEO]
Jun 4, 2020, 11AM-1PM Panel of Experts John Markoff (Moderator) Future and Risks Coming Attractions: Death or Utopia in the Next Three Decades    [VIDEO]


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