Stanford University EE380
Computer Systems Colloquium Schedule
Winter 2022

The Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium will be offered Winter 2022 with talks every Wednesday 4:00-5:30, subject to the COVID pandemic and University rules.

The first two EE380 lectures will be virtual only. Later classes will, we hope, originate on campus and will feature live speakers and a live audience. Protocols are still be worked out.

The EE380 channel consists of ten lectures which may be viewed in person,live streamed in real-time, recorded on Canvas, or as a video published to YouTube (delayed). The talks nominally target graduate students and may be quite technical.

The Colloquium can be taken for credit (1 Unit, S/NC) by simply enrolling and attending or viewing all ten lectures and writing a short pithy paragraph about the lecture in a diary or notebook. At the end of the Quarter, the notebook should be submitted for grading.

You can subscribe to EE380 announcements using our new mailing list, which is still being tested. If you were subscribed to the old list, you should be on the new one. Please update your profile.

The evolving schedule will be posted here and maintained in real-time. We may also include occasional Bay Area events of interest.

Our first class will feature Carl Hewitt (MIT Emeritus) and John Perry (Stanford, Philosophy) in a futures exercise. Hewitt beleves that the future of AI and Machine Learning lies with a closer integration of man and machine (or vice versa). John Perry is not so sure.

The real-time streaming mechanism will not work for lectures which originateremotely so you will need to wait until the lecture has been completed and uploaded to Canvas before you can view it. The lecture should be available about 8 PM Wednesday 5 January using this URL: JAN-5-2022.

The Abstract and speaker biographies can be found HERE.