Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Winter 2002-2003

The SUMMER CSL COLLOQUIUM (aka "Summer Reruns") consists of a self-selected and self-paced series ten lectures selected from the past three quarters of live presentations plus a few additional lectures we believe to be of special interest. All 30+ of the lectures shown in the listing below can be viewed over the web. The date shown is that of the original presentation. We've chosen ten lectures to be broadcast over SITN and to be shown live on-campus for those who prefer pre-selected materials and/or the more traditional content delivery. The Colloquium (EE380) is offered as a one unit, ten week class, S/NC.
TEAM OVERBOT is looking for student and professional volunteers to assist in developing an autonomous robot vehicle to enter in the DARPA challenge competition. Enrolled students may arrange academic credit. MORE>
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Jan 8, 2003Lee Felsenstein
The Jhai Foundation
The Pedal-Powered Internet: Wireless Village Systems in the Developing World
Jan 15, 2003David Luckham
Emeritus Professor, Stanford University
Complex Event Processing: An Essential Technology for Instant Insight into the Operation of Enterprise Information Systems
Jan 22, 2003Gregory S. Crabb
United States Postal Inspector
San Francisco Electronic Crimes Task Force
Solving High Technology Crime
Academic Partnership in Crime Fighting
Jan 29, 2003Mitch Kapor
Open Source Applications Foundation
Chandler: An (Inter)personal Information Manager
Feb 5, 2003Michael Slater
Adobe Systems
A Next-Generation Consumer Photo Application
Challenges in Creating a Simple Yet Powerful User Experience
Feb 12, 2003Dr. Stephen Wolfram
Creator of Mathematica, author of A New Kind of Science, and CEO of Wolfram Research, Inc.
A New Kind of Science
Feb 19, 2003Craig Mudge
Computer Technology in America's Cup Yacht Racing
Feb 26, 2003Hamid Pirahesh
IBM Almaden
Information Integration and XML: creation of the next generation database system
Mar 5, 2003John Hennessy
Stanford University
The Future of Systems Research
Video Presentation of a talk given October 3, 2001
Mar 12, 2003Eliot Miranda
Visualworks Engineering, Cincom
Bytecode-to-bytecode adaptive optimization for Smalltalk
Compilation and execution architecture for late-bound object-oriented programming languages

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