Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering
Computer Systems Colloquium (EE380) Schedule
Winter 2012-2013
Wednesdays, 4:15-5:30PM in Skilling Auditorium

Welcome to the STANFORD EE COMPUTER SYSTEMS COLLOQUIUM (SUMMER EDITION), also known as "Summer Reruns". Enrolled students may take the Colloquium for credit. Anyone can view any of the lectures. The lectures treat subjects at the graduate level although advanced undergraduates often take the Colloquium. There will be no live class meetings.

The CSL Colloquium course consists of self-selected and self-paced series of ten video lectures from the past three quarters of live presentations augmented by additional video lectures from past years. All the lectures shown in the listing below can be viewed over the web. In general, you will need a version of Windows Media Player for it all to work, but people successfully view the lectures using a MAC or Linux although sometimes that requires a bit of fussing with the system. The lecture list below identifies the available pool of lectures by speaker and title. The date shown is that of the original presentation.

Some of the lectures can be viewed over YouTube.

The Colloquium (EE380) is offered as a one unit class, with a S/NC. To receive credit in the Colloquium (assuming you are an enrolled student), select ten lectures, view each of the lectures over the web by clicking on the video camera icon, then submit a short commentary about the lecture by clicking on the thumbs-up thumbs-down icons, completing the web form, and submitting it. After you've viewed all ten lectures, fill out a class evaluation form (look for the blinking red arrow on the schedule page). The final deadline for assignments is August 13, 2011.

Some Colloquium talks are also distributed on iTunes and YouTube

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Jan 9, 2013Oskar Mencer and Stephen P. Weston
Maxeler Technologies
Multiscale Dataflow Computing: The Vertical Perspective
Jan 16, 2013Russ Taylor
Johns Hopkins University
Computer Science Department Distinguished Computer Scientist Lecture
Medical Robotics and Computer Integrated Interventional Medicine
Jan 23, 2013Rahul Rajan, Ted Selker
CMU West
Considerate Audio MEdiating Oracle (CAMEO): Improving teleconference calls
Jan 30, 2013Costa Sapuntzakis
Pure Storage
The Why and How of an All-Flash Enterprise Storage Array
Feb 6, 2013Jeremy Bailenson
Infinite Reality: Avatars, Eternal Life, New Worlds, and the Dawn of the Virtual Revolution
Feb 13, 2013Lee Felsenstein
The Fonly Institute
Makers, Hackers and the Personal Computer Revolution
Feb 20, 2013David Fifield
Stanford University, Tor Project
Javascript anticensorship proxies
Feb 27, 2013Wen-mei Hwu
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and MulticoreWare, Inc.
Why are GPUs so hard to program - or are they?
Mar 6, 2013Brandon Badger
Niantic Labs @ Google
Ingress -- a massively multiplayer geo game
Mar 13, 2013Kevin Knight, USC/ISI
Sravana Reddy, Dartmouth
What We Know About the Voynich Manuscript

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